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ReCODE protocol: 'No Vegetables-Distancing' and Yes to immune support

Dernière mise à jour : 2 juil. 2021

Specific elements of the protocol strengthen your immune defenses. By addressing the hyperglycemia, nutrient deficiency, hormonal deficiency, toxic load, sleep deprivation, stressors, that compromise immunity, you're creating resiliency.

Continue prevention! In times of stress, comfort foods become attractive and some could have started to develop a 'vegetables-distancing' with simple carbohydrate foods, alcohol, not exercising and not ideal dietary practices. Have you 'sheltered' in junk foods or sugar? It is never too late to change your thoughts and re-engaged in your Ketoflex 12/3 if you've disengaged.


Here are some key success to keep in mind:

1. Get support

2. Choose confidence

3. Keep your promises

4. Embrace risks and challenges

5. Forgive yourself for taking imperfect actions.

5. Focus on your values

6. Think of your character strengths

7. Do what you love - find a way - be creative

8. Believe in yourself

9. Be willing to feel uncomfortable

10. Be courageous

Take 1 or 2 key(s). Use this time to get really clear about who you are, what you're committed to. Don't beat yourself up but acknowledge briefly the impact it has had on yourself and others. Focus on your vision, on your goals, on your inspiration and passion.

There is no right ways to be. You have to find your own authentic positive 'way of being' that works for you.

And could it be a good opportunity to re-focus on the protocol in an effort to optimize your health and promote resiliency? Do you recognize that you are being presented with a choice? By reframing this opportunity of sheltering-in-place, it is a chance to care for yourself.


Keeping our natural anti-viral protection at its best is an excellent strategy to keep viruses at bay. Some factors involve:

1. Making sure you are getting vitamin C, D, zinc, R-Lipoic acid, NAC, beta-glucan and selenium as recommended by Dr. Dale Bredesen

2. Minimize alcohol since it lowers resistance to infections and other toxins

3. Get plenty of sun

4. Get plenty of sleep

5. Minimize stress as much as possible - again, it suppresses the immune system

Let's work together to minimize your risk and continue optimizing your cognition.

With all my heart


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