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Your choices matter!

Your choices can make a difference

You want to increase your chances for a healthy aging, keep your brain sharp and fight any disease?

Are you also concerned about your immune system, about prevention and what you can do? 

If you have a strong desire that you need to change or adapt what you're doing right now, you are at the right place ! You don’t have to go through this journey alone.

You can work on your priorities, your doable goals and your own motivations to pursue your journey towards a healthy life.  Lifestyle changes are really key. It is going to be a smart investment that will empower you and build confidence in your prevention strategy.

It’s not what stands in front of you.

It’s who stands beside you. 

You found your ally:  Your Certified Health Coach who knows about healthy aging and how to thrive all the way.


Lucie Jolicoeur FMCHC AFMCP ReCODE 2.0 / MoCA Certified

Health Coach Services for You


You have been to the doctor but don't know where to start


You have tried to work by yourself and need help


You are overwhelmed by everything


Your are a practitioner who wants to partnership with a health coach


You are a company/organization who wants a better health for their employees/community

Practice Areas

Health Coach Services for You


You have been to the doctor but don't know where to start


You have tried making changes by yourself but need help


You feel overwhelmed by everything


Your are a practitioner who wants to establish a partnership 


You are a company or organization

Meet Lucie

I’m trained in the functional medicine approach within a faculty that includes experts in nutrition, mind-body medicine and leaders in positive psychology and coaching. In addition to the incredible and diversified program at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA), I gained coaching skills through a supervised practicum, by exploring case studies and now with many coaching sessions. I belong to a supportive network as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC) and the Alumni program while pursuing coaching and continuous education. 

“When you keep a promise to yourself, you build personal integrity.


You become not only proud of yourself, but you start to trust yourself


– Lauren Zandler, author and coach


Beth - Designer

New Jersey, USA

Lucie started working with me at a very tender, vulnerable time in my life.  She helped me identify what is important and taught me strategies to help support myself, giving way to feeling positive and in control.

Lucie is gentle and compassionate, not to mention educated and well trained.  She is a wealth of information and a hug from a far...  Truly a gem!

Domonique M.Ed.

Texas, USA

Lucie was always supportive, readily available even considering time zone differences and always ready to offer up a new ideas and options for increased health awareness. She is kind, gentle, intelligent, and well-informed. She speaks with you as if you’ve been friends for years, which increases mutual trust and appreciation. She shows you that she cares for you from the very beginning. If you can say that you’ve worked with Lucie, you can say you’re all the better for it.

Kamal - Manager

Toronto, Canada

I was a little nervous getting coached (mostly due to embarrassment that I had an overall poor diet) but Lucie, has been amazing and very supportive.  I have seen a great improvement in a short period of time.  Thanks Lucie!

Lucie is an encouraging, supportive health coach. She gets in tune with the client and on what they want to work on and will backed them by a strong motivation to follow through.

Gargi - Writer

London, UK

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